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Connected hands

Do you love using your skills and experience to make it easier for businesses to go further and do more? 

At UMi we believe that businesses have the power to make a difference and we can achieve so much more by working together with like-minded partners.  As the number of business owners and leaders reaching out to UMi is increasing, our capacity to ensure they get to the best information and expertise as quickly as possible needs to increase too.

We could just employ more people directly but we would rather continue on the journey that has worked well so far of building great partnerships with specialists in a range of sectors and themes.   


We are looking for a range of partners with expertise in the following sectors and themes:

  • low carbon
  • digital adoption
  • leadership development
  • productivity improvement
  • sales
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We get that your intellectual know-how and IP is really important to you so we don’t expect you to compromise on the ownership of that which you bring to the party, and we have an open mind about that which we create together.

We have an option of commercial models so you can choose the one which works best for you, either greater value up front or potentially greater value over time. 

The UMi team

As with all great partnerships, shared values and cultural characteristics are crucial to making them work.  The main features that differentiate us are that we have all the rigour and robustness of a large corporate but the entrepreneurial flair and creativity of a smaller business, we are not driven by just profit but recognise the importance of purpose, and we love doing what others say can’t be done - often because it’s too hard, would take too long or isn’t profitable.

So, as an employee-owned business that is on a journey to becoming BCorp certified, we get that businesses are more than just bricks and mortar, or numbers on a spreadsheet – they’re powered by people. Just like our own people and our partners. This is evidenced by our measures for success which are our financial health, being a workplace where talent thrives, and the impact we make in the communities and world we work in. 

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If you like the sound of us as a partner, and you have the skills and experience that could help businesses go further and do more, then we would love to hear from you.

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